Ecoloop is BicarJet’s innovative recirculation solution: compared to traditional systems, it uses a supersaturated mixture of bicarbonate which is continuously projected in recirculation by exploiting the mechanical cleaning capacity of the bicarbonate, enhanced by pressure, thus reducing over 70% of the waste and annual product consumption.

During the projection the mixture of water and bicarbonate is constantly filtered by an external tank in order to be reused.

Totally made with components made in Italy in AISI 304 stainless steel and designed to ensure wide visibility both for the width of the glass and for its brightness, Ecoloop is equipped with comfort gloves and nozzle with ergonomic protective rubber grip.

The wet recirculation system does not need a drain or a suction chimney.

oading and unloading is facilitated by the double door with easy closing and ergonomic handle, the movement of the pieces to be cleaned supported by a rotating plate and by a sliding trolley.

Ecoloop has a reinforced frame and is all paneled for maintenance. The external filtering tank is accessible and easily removable and inspectable.

All the controls are visible and easily accessible, including the one for the automatic unloading of the hopper. The loading of the abrasive and water is carried out by pouring everything directly into the cabin.

Technical Data
Technical Data
  • External max dimensions mm
    2700 x 1300 x 1975
  • Weight Kg
  • Max dimensions objects to be cleaned Ø
  • Max weight objects to be cleaned Kg
To match with
To match with
  • The system is autonomous
  • Base
    Feed pump for recirculation, external tank for filtering, air and water gun for rinsing and blowing, external tank with trolley guides, internal rotating plate, trolley sliding on guides
  • Optional
    Exhaust pipe 10 mt, suction tube, external aspirator
  • Compressed Air
    Express quick connection M G1/2”
  • Waste discharge
    Express quick connection M G 1”
  • Electric energy
    Just for lights, socket CEE 220 V
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