Mold Advanced Regeneration System

BicarJet presents MARS®, Mold Advanced Regeneration System, the revolutionary patented solution for tyre mould retreading, developed in collaboration with Rostan, a specialist in mould production and maintenance.


MARS® finally offers a 360° solution, overcoming the limits that traditional tyre mould cleaning systems present.

Discover the extraordinary characteristics of MARS®:

Deep cleaning
Deep cleaning

The Bicarjet MARS® bicarbonate cleaning system allows the surface of the mould to be regenerated, effectively removing any residual material generated during the production of the tyres, from the most tenacious compounds to Teflon or assimilated coatings, returning the mould to its original surface.

Mold preservation
Mold preservation

MARS® acts with delicacy on the moulds, not altering neither the conformation nor the peculiarities of the surface.

Spring vent unlocking
Spring vent unlocking

The MARS® system allows the unlocking at the end of the procedure of more than 95% of the spring vent.

Safety for the operator
Safety for the operator

Bicarbonate is an absolutely safe material for the operator, as it is also used in the medical and food industry, and no chemicals are used in the MARS® process. Moreover, the low pressures at which the system operates allow the operator to work in total absence of risks during operation.

Respect for the environment
Respect for the environment

Bicarbonate is an environmentally friendly, safe and ecological product. The MARS® system does not produce fumes, fumes or gas production, typical of currently available cleaning systems.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

MARS® allows a fast and economical regeneration of moulds.


The specific bicarbonate used in the MARS® process has been studied to guarantee maximum effectiveness in the treatment.


The MARS® treatment does not alter the surface of the mould, as scientifically demonstrated by the research carried out by the University of Trento.

The MARS® - Mold Advance Regeneration System - is an important innovation in the field of mould maintenance. In addition to cleaning in depth, it allows to restore the functionality of the spring vent.
That's why:
  • Performance in cleaning
  • Reliable over time
  • Does not damage the molds
  • Low investment
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Use food-grade baking soda
  • Low working pressure
  • Without chemicals
  • Tailor-made commercial solutions
  • Equipment rental service
  • Continuous assistance

Cleaning of tyre moulds:

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