The MJ1000 cabin is the ideal solution for cleaning industrial molds with a very complex morphology. It is indicated for the cleaning of molds used for the production of: traditional soles and for safety shoes, sports shoes, ski boots and foam footwear.

The solution is capable of removing adherent compounds or foaming agents, fumes residues generated by injection and compression operations and rubber residues, especially in the smaller coves of the mold.

Thanks to the exclusive bicarbonate process, BicarJet® MJ1000 allows to clean with the utmost accuracy even the latest generation molds with laser-treated surfaces (engraving) with slots of a few microns without losing its original aesthetic effect. The solution is less suitable for mirror surfaces because it could modify the brightness due to the effect of hammering.

It is ideal for cleaning pieces with a maximum size of 600 × 600 mm and a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Technical Data
Technical Data
  • External max dimensions mm
    1100 x 1200 x 2000
  • Wight Kg
  • Max dimensions objects to be cleaned mm
    600 x 600
  • Max weight objects to be cleaned Kg
To match with
To match with
  • Sobijet 124
    •Tank capacity: 24L

    •Dimensions 45x60x110 mm, weight 100 kg

    • Electronic control of consumption
  • Sobijet 180
    • Tank capacity: 80 L

    •Dimensions 57x80x120 mm, weight 135 kg

    • Electronic control of consumption
  • Base
    Standard rotating table
  • Optional
    External trolley, tilting rotating table
  • Compressed Air
    Connection diam. 1 "(DN 25), provide shut-off valve. Dry air. Compressed air pressure from max. 10 bar at min. 6 bar
  • Water
    Connection diam. 1/2 "(DN 20), provide a shut-off valve. Water pressure from min. 2 bar at max. 3 bar
  • Electric energy
    N° 2 industrial sockets 200/250V, 50/60Hz
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