The Automatic AM1600 system, is the solution for surface cleaning of molds for gasket and o-rings, with intensive rhythms.

The AM1600 technology guarantees maximum effectiveness, without scratching the treated surface, removing release layer, the fumes residue generated by the injection and compression operations of the melted rubber and the rubber residues especially in the smallest holes and inlets of the mold.

The BicarJet® AM1600 power supply unit uses only compressed air, water and Meltron® bicarbonate, a specific quality of sodium bicarbonate studied by us to increase the efficiency of the process.

The ease of use allows the operator to work in total safety even without training..

The system is automatic and equipped with a control panel connected to a PLC, with the possibility of setting the cleaning cycle, choosing the size of the mold introduced into the machine that has to be cleaned.

The loading and unloading of the mold is carried out by presenting it in a vertical position, at the entrance of the machine, which is closed with a special door whose operation is electric with a two-hand control installed on the control panel.

The unit is equipped with a pneumatic system with precise and efficient operating pressure regulator.

The control of material consumption is guaranteed by a special patented double Venturi HPV system.

Technical Data
Technical Data
  • Max external dimensions mm
    1200 x 2650 x 1800
  • Weight Kg
  • Max dimensions objects to be cleaned mm
    1000 x 1000
  • Max weight objects to be cleaned Kg
    no limits
To match with
To match with
  • Sobijet 250R
    • Made with frame in square tubular AISI 304 stainless steel, dim. mm 30 x 30 WEIGHT 100 KG

    • Loading hopper for 50 kg / liters of product

    • Equipped with 4 nozzles with double venturi transport system
  • Base
    Automated system
  • Optional
  • Compressed Air
    Connection diam. 1 "(DN 25), provide shut-off valve. Dry air. Compressed air pressure from max. 10 bar at min. 6 bar
  • Electric energy
    N° 2 industrial sockets 200/250V, 50/60Hz
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