We create customized cleaning and surface treatment solutions for the food sector.

We support the customer in all phases of creating a customized solution to solve critical issues in the cleaning process, identifying the most performing technology or developing ad hoc projects in relation to the type and size of production, pieces to be cleaned and contaminants to be removed.

All our solutions guarantee very high levels of hygiene, certified, so that they find positive results also in the medical field.

The abrasive features of Meltron® bicarbonate also guarantee effective cleaning and degreasing of surfaces with excellent results, without abrasions or damage.

The Meltron® sodium bicarbonate based product can be used safely since it is a food quality product (according to the Food Chemical Codex Standard).

For the food sector we carry out dedicated processes for cleaning and degreasing tools and trays for bread, confectionery products or in general with caramelized, fatty, protein and carbonaceous residues.

Our systems are perfectly suited for use in the cleaning of: conveyor chains, packaging lines, machinery, tanks, molds, mixers and ovens.

How does it work?

After an initial analysis, the phase of gathering requirements and drafting of the functional analysis, we move on to the design and implementation phase. A crucial role is played by the pre-test phase to verify the type of Meltron® sodium bicarbonate and the best performing technology: dry, wet or mixed and the level of automation required.

All of this paying great attention to the features of the production environments in which the machine will be released.

All phases, from the first contact with the customer to the after-sales service, are managed internally to have direct control of every quality aspect. The presence of an internal mechanical workshop also offers the possibility to respond in real time to customer requests.

Innovation and dynamism, experience and know-how in various sectors push us to find new solutions every time, able to satisfy the requests of completely different customers.

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