The BICARjet® Technology

The innovative BICARjet® surface cleaning system offers excellent results while preserving the integrity of the treated materials. The cleaning is performed using high pressured water, between 3 and 6 BAR, and Meltron, a revolutionary product derived from sodium bicarbonate. This cleaning system proves very effective in several different applications. Sodium bicarbonate is ecological, but also completely harmless for the cleaned parts. It is a very smart alternative to more traditional technologies like sandblasting, ultrasonic waves or chemical dipping.

Il Nostro Processo Operativo

  • First contact

    In this phase the main goal of BICARjet® is to exchange information with the potential customer and understand what its activity is. The focus in to clarify how our technology can be applied to your existing processes.

  • Customer Needs Analysis

    Understanding the customer and its needs is a central part of the company’s way of doing business. The analysis allows us to clearly understand your cleaning needs. Our cleaning technology is modular and versatile. Are you already using sandblasting? Does it wear out your parts? We have already seen that. With the right data about your parts and their industrial use we will be able to offer you the best ecological cleaning solution we can.

  • Test and Report

    In order to really appreciate BICARjet’s difference you need to see our cleaning installation at work. When all the cleaning specifications are defined we will be able to set up a test in our workshop. Everything is documented by our staff with pictures and measurements adapted to your parts. After a few days you will receive a complete report underlining the results and the benefits ecological cleaning can offer to your business.

  • Cleaning Solution

    After testing our sales staff will present you an offer for the system that suits more your cleaning needs. With your approval your machine will be produced and installed in your facilities.


Our Products

Meltron® is a specific pure synthetic sodium bicarbonate-based blast media, to be used with SOBIJET® equipments and cleaning systems. The gentle physical and chemical actions allow treating of all kind of supports, including iron steel, aluminum, fiber glass, plastics, bricks and many others. Meltron® is an environmental-friendly product, non toxic and non hazardous for the operator.

SOBIJET® is the brand name of the machines designed and built by BICARjet®. These machines use a system for cleaning surfaces based on compressed air, water and MELTRON®, a specific saline compound based on sodium bicarbonate. The wide range of SOBIJET® machines, both with and without a cabin, satisfy the specific requirements of all applications.

DEOXY® is a mixture of salts based on sodium bicarbonate and percarbonate (an adduct of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide), with anti-odorous/hygienic and sanitizing characteristics. The action of the product is activated from the chemical reactions that are caused when the Deoxy® comes in contact with the material or with the chemical compounds responsible for bad smells.