The properties of MELTRON® and the characteristics of this solution offer many advantages:

Delicate treatment of a wide range of surfaces
The characteristics of sodium bicarbonate (Moh’s hardness scale: 2,5, like a fingernail) and low working pressure (< 8 bars) efficiently clean and degrease the treated surfaces without damage.
Because of its weak alkaline characteristics, sodium bicarbonate is not corrosive.

Reduced cleaning times
The BICARjet® solution avoids long and tedious manual operations and can be employed, by a single operator, in plant areas without disturbing, or slightly, day-to-day activity.
No pre-treatment preparation/actions are requested.

High performances and results
Analyses demonstrate a thorough cleaning without negative consequences whatever on the surface treated.

Controlled consumption of blast media
The SOBIJET® control panel, also supplied with electronic devices, allows a precise monitoring of the working pressure and MELTRON® consumption

Easy-to-use and versatile equipments

Because of the ergonomic characteristics and simplicity of the SOBIJET® equipments, they can be used by a single operator.
The modular conception of our machines allows a large variety of combinations and, therefore, is able to meet customers’ particular requirements.

Environmental-friendly cleaning solution

The BICARjet® cleaning solution avoids the use of sensitive chemicals or solvents. Besides, waste water will contain a high degree of dissolved sodium bicarbonate, and once filtered from dirt, grease or other contaminants, can often be disposed in sewer drains (please check compliance with local regulations as they may vary). Only filtered solid wastes are to be disposed in land fills according to local regulations.

Non-toxic and non-hazardous

Synthetic pure sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic (Food quality), non corrosive, non-flammable and non-pollutant.
Besides, water nebulization strongly reduces dust.
Because of these characteristics, the operator can work with lower protection, and therefore more comfortably.